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Trap for a Lonely Man

Trap for a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas Directed by John Bishop Season 4 1981


The Man

Barry Gallagher

The Police Inspector

Phil Lumb

The Priest

Richard Landers

The Woman

Sally Brisker

The Tramp

David Wray

The Nurse

Paula Winspear


Jim Dickson or Ralph Fisher



John Bishop

Assistant to the Director

Sue McBride

Stage Manager

Jim Dickson

Assistant Stage Manager

Jackie Venn, Ralph Fisher, Brian Etherington

Stage Decor

Raleigh Robinson, Geoff Page


Mrs Laurie Rogerson

Lighting and Sound

Tony Savory, Dietmar Brisker

Assistant Lighting and Sound

Noel Savory

Scenic Artwork

Roy Townsend

Set Construction

Raleigh Robinson, Laurie Rogerson, Bill Smith, Ian Hunter, John Hill

Front of House

Ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Photography

Karl Mandl Photography

Foyer Decorations

Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson


Mrs Pat Lyall, Mrs E. Risk, Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson

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