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Information about auditions in other Victorian amateur theatres can be found at The Victorian Drama League site

Audition Notice

Piece of Mind by Emma Wood

Directed by Susan Rundle


Australian Premier of a new play by local playwright Emma Wood, recently produced in LA.

A hilarious dark comedy about two friends, Gwen and Allie, who leave their long careers as nurses to start a daring new business venture.

The concept is a peaceful room that can be hired on an hourly basis as an alternative to couple’s counselling. Couples are offered the opportunity to take turns playing dead, while the other airs their grievances without interruption.

The business plan is so unique it attracts a large following immediately, but Gwen and Allie’s intentions don’t match those of the clients. A darkly comic series of events unfolds. Have they unwittingly opened a Pandora’s box that threatens their investment, their reputations and even their friendship?


Characters: 4 Females / 1-2 Males


Gwen – 50s-early 60s; intelligent, good humoured and practical, a nurse for many decades. Lead Role

Allie – 50s-early 60s; bold, adventurous and impulsive. Also a career nurse. Lead Role

Tess (or Josh) – mid-late 20s, smart, adaptable, open minded. Allie’s daughter (or Son) – Supporting role.

Rowena – Gwen’s aunt 70s/80s, caustic and clever, does not suffer fools gladly - Supporting Role.

John/Ed/Michael – male clients various ages – can be played by 1 actor

Julie/Allie/Margo – female clients various ages - can be played by 1 actress

Season 1 - 2024 Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre.

Performance dates: 8-24 February 2024


  • Sunday 15th October from 2.00pm

  • Monday 16th October from 7.30pm.

Please contact the director, Susan Rundle at for a copy of the script and to book an audition

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