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The Elephant Man

Season 2 2018: 24 May to 9 June 2018

(Matinees Sun 27 May, Sun 3 June and Sat 9 June.)

The Elephant Man A play by Bernard Pomerance, Directed by Chris Shaw.

By special arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

This is the true story of an orphan named John Merrick, who was so physically deformed that he became known as the “Elephant Man.” Despite his hideous deformities, Merrick was an incredibly sweet, sensitive and intelligent human being, forced to display himself as a “sideshow freak” in travelling shows. He is found, and befriended, by a brilliant surgeon, who gives him a home in a London hospital for the remaining few years of his life. There he becomes the toast of Victorian London’s high society, but his thirst for normality brings about his eventual demise. A thoroughly moving and thoughtful play, which addresses the simple issue of what it means to be human.

“Congratulations on an excellent production. We have been subscribers for a few years and always enjoy your performances. However this one stood out for the acting, particularly of the main characters, the handling of the complex social and emotional issues and the quality of the costumes and sets.” -Season Ticket Holders.


John Merrick

Michael Fenemore

Frederick Treves

Blake Stringer

F.C. Carr Gomm / Scottish Gentleman

Phillip Stephenson

Ross / Lord John / Will

Tony Clayton

Bishop Walsham How / Snork / Pinhead Manager / English Policeman

Laurie Jezard

Mrs Kendal / 1st Pinhead / Day Nurse

Kellie Bray

Nurse Sandwich / 2nd Pinhead / Princess Alexandra

Donna Cleverley

Duchess / 3rd Pinhead / Nurse Ireland / Flower girl

Anna Ruth Laird

Belgian Policeman / Orderly / Businessman

Aaron Milroy

Belgian Policeman / The town fool / Doctor / Waiter / Orderly

Darren Amor


Marion Armitage



Chris Shaw

Production Manager:

Angela Glennie

Set Design:

Chris Shaw

Lighting Design:

Robin Le Blond

Sound and Visual Design:

Chris Shaw


Sylvia Carr, Margaret Bayley and Maria Smedes

Stage Manager:

Janet Francis

Stage Assistants:

Marion Armitage, Steve Tanner, Aaron Milroy and Jeremy Brown

Lighting Operator:

Tyler Ennis

Sound & Visual Operator:

Daniel Koster


Chris Shaw

Set Construction:

Les Wallis, Luc Hermans, Ernie Hicks, Ray Bell, Keith Boulton and Steve Nichols

Set Painters:

Emily Carter & Alexandra Carter, Tanya Burton, Meagan Burton & Stephen Burton, Angela Glennie & Paul Glennie, Maria Fleming and Chris Shaw


Emily Carter

Web page:

Laurie Bell

Promotional Video:

Regan Wood


Alexandra Carter

Program Design:

Nicholas Ryan

Program Printing:

Snap Printing, Lilydale

Office Administration:

John Martin

Box Office & Administration

Anne Rogers-Davidson

Front of House Manager

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Company Volunteers

Acknowledgements: Heidelberg Theatre Company for the loan of costumes. Harry Milward for designing and making of the hood and cloak.

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