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The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice A play by Jim Cartwright. Directed by Justin Stephens Season 3 2014: 20 August to 6 September By special arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd This wonderfully funny, incredibly moving play tells the story of a shy, reclusive girl named Little Voice and her larger than life, abusive mother Mari. Desperately missing her dead father, Little Voice spends her time locked in her bedroom listening to his old record collection and perfecting astonishing impersonations of famous divas including Shirley Bassey, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Dusty Springfield. When Mari starts dating small time club agent Ray Say, she thinks he's her last chance for a better life. When Ray Say hears Little Voice sing, he thinks she's his ticket to the big time. Little Voice just wants a normal life and to be loved. Not everyone is going to get what they want. The tale of Little Voice provides a humorous, yet moving, display of family life. The play moves to a hilarious and moving climax when she finally finds her own personality and voice - and it's far from "little"!



Kellie Bray

Little Voice

Rhiannon Leach

Ray Say

Keith Hutton


Laura Bradley


Kieran Tracey

Mr Boo

Gary Rens

Telephone Man

Gary Rens



Justin Stephens

Production Manager

Angela Glennie

Set Design

Merinda Backway

Lighting Design

Michael Brasser

Sound Design

Colin Prohasky, Justin Stephens & Josh Mattielli

Assistant to the Director

Fiona Carter

Stage Manager

Steve Tanner

Assistant Stage Managers

Ian Carter, Maria Fleming, Tyler Ennis

Lighting & Sound Operation

Alex Carter, Matt Menegol


Margaret Bayley, Syliva Carr


Dee Rivas, Steve Tanner, Emily Carter, Paul Glennie & Angela Glennie

Scenic Painters:

Merinda Backway, Emily Carter, Maria Fleming & Ellen Glennie

Set Construction:

Luc Hermans, Keith Boulton, Ernest Hicks, Les Wallis, Leigh Delmenico

Office Administration:

John Martin

Administration Assistant:

Anne Rogers-Davidson

Front of House Manager:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Company Volunteers


Kevin Trask


Les Wallis

Facebook Page:

Rhiannon Leech

Program Printing:

SNAP Lilydale

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