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Proof A play by David Auburn. Directed by Catherine Carr Season 2 2009: 2 June to 20 June Set in Chicago, Proof is a four character play by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Auburn, about Robert, a recently deceased mathematical genius suffering from mental illness, who leaves behind a notebook containing proof of a mathematical theorem that mathematicians had thought impossible. Did Robert write the proof, or was it his depressed college drop-out daughter Catherine? As the mystery develops, the play explores issues such as what the link may be between genius and madness and whether either or both can be inherited. A story about human relationships, the play suggests that developing trust and love can be as difficult, and just as uncertain, as establishing the truth of a mathematical proof.



Neil McColl


Rhiannon Leach


Kieran Tracey


Keillie Tweeddale



Catherine Carr

Assistant to the Director:

Laurie Bell

Production Manager:

Catherine Carr

Assistant Production Manager:

Nicholas Ryan

Stage Manager:

Lynn Dean

Assistant Stage Manager:

Laurie Bell

Back Stage Crew:

Emily Carter, Kerry Geratty, Meg Hanlon, Meghan McDonald

Set Design:

Graham McGuffie

Scenic Artist:

Graham McGuffie

Assistant Scenic Artists:

Nerida Forster-Clarke, Mandy Tanner

Costume Coordinator:

Sylvia Carr


Maria Fleming

Lighting Design:

Colin Mortley

Sound Design:

Adrian Carr

Lighting Operation:

Terry Dean

Sound Operation:

Les Wallis

Set Construction Coordination:

Stephen Nichols Snr

Set Construction:

Keith Boulton, Leigh Delmenico, Les Wallis, Ted Waring

Dialect/Accent Advisor:

Brian "Chicago" Harris

Mathematics Advisor:

Fiona Carter

Front of House Manager:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre


Steve Tanner


Alan Quantrell

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