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Adrian Carr


Amadeus - 1986/1

     Joseph II, Emperor of Austria

Charley's Aunt - 1986/2

     Lord Fancourt Babberley

The Ghost Train - 1986/4

     Teddie Deakin

The Pirates of Penzance - 1999/4

     Sergeant of Police

The Prisoner on Second Avenue - 2003/2
   Mel Edison
   Also: Program Design

The Cocktail Hour - 2003/3
   Also: Program Design

Taking Steps - 2007/2
   Also: Director
   Also: Set Design
   Also: Sound Design
   Also: Set Construction

Rumors - 2008/2
   Set design-concept, Set Painting

Freedom of the City - 2008/3
   Priest, The Balladeer, Dr Winbourne - Forensic Expert
   Also: Sound Design

Shirley Valentine - 2009/1
   Sound Design

Proof - 2009/2
   Sound Design

Caravan - 2009/3
   Director, Set Design, Interior Design, Set Construction, Set Painting, Sound Design

The 39 Steps - 2011/1
   Compere, Heavy, Mrs Higgins, Salesman, Policeman, Porter, Policeman, Crofter, Policeman, Pilot, Alt_na_Shellach Signholder, Professor Jordan, Sherrif, Policemen, Marching Band, Mr McQuarrie, Waterfall, Mrs McGarrigle, Chief Inspector Albright

'Allo 'Allo - 2011/4
   Also: Set Painting

M*A*S*H - 2012/2
   Director and Concept Design, Sound Design, Set Construction, Set painting and dressing

Steel Magnolias - 2013/1
   Sound Design

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