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When We Are Married

When We Are Married By J B Priestley Directed by Geoff Hickey Season 3 1995: 29 August to 16 September


Ruby Birtle

Bree Heffernan

Gerald Forbes

Ian MacKenzie

Mrs Northrop

Sandy Green

Nancy Holmes

Kate Bowers

Fred Dyson

Peter Newling

Henry Ormonroyd

James McRae

Joe Helliwell

Fred Barker

Maria Helliwell

Sandra Fowler

Albert Parker

Barry Lockett

Herbert Soppitt

Keith Hutton

Clara Soppitt

Pat Keegan

Annie Parker

Jackie Hutchison

Lottie Grady

Janet Withers

Rev. Mercer

Peter Newling



Geoff Hickey

Stage Manager

Steve Tanner

Assistant Stage Manager

Pauline McKenzie

Set Design

Russell Johnson

Set Construction

Jack Coffey, Arthur Geary, Ron Morison


Alicia Templer


Russell Johnson, Sylvia Carr, Win Upjohn

Lighting Design

Stephen Nichols

Lighting & Sound Operation

Angelo Gianchino, Megan Summerhayes

Sound Design

Nick Grubb


Karl Mandl Photography

Office Manager

Marilyn Butlin

Box Office

Geoff Page, Marilyn Butlin, Bob Bramble

Front of House Manager

Catherine Handley

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

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