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Daddy's Dyin ... Who's Got the Will?

Daddy's Dyin ... Who's Got the Will? A comedy by Del Shores Directed by Helen Ellis Season 3 2015: 19 August to 5 September By special arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd. Set in a small Texas town, Daddy's Dyin' concerns the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch, Buford Turnover. From a potentially 'grave' situation springs this wonderful play that unfolds like a good summer novel. A successful movie (of the same name), this play is packed with fast paced, funny moments, tense moments and touching moments. This masterful comedy will have you laughing with and caring about its rich tapestry of wonderful characters.


Lurlene Turnover Rogers:

Lisa Upson

Mama Wheelis:

Shirley Cattunar

Evalita Turnover:

Candice Sweetman

Harmony Rhodes:

Kieran Tracey

Buford Turnover:

James McRae

Orville Turnover:

Div Collins

Marlene Turnover:

Donna Cleverley



Helen Ellis

Production Manager:

Angela Glennie

Lighting Design:

Craig Pearcey

Sound Design:

Dave Ellis

Stage Manager:

Emily Carter

Assistant Stage Manager:

Andrew Georges


Margaret Bayley, Sylvia Carr

Rehearsal Prompt:

Laurie Bell, Rebecca Pool

Sound Operation:

Peter Verhagen

Lighting Operation:

Alex Di-Pietro


Emily Carter

Set Painting:

Merinda Backway, Ashley Burton, Stephen Burton, Tanya Burton, Meagan Burton, Emily Carter, Maria Fleming, Angela Glennie, Nicholas Ryan

Set Construction:

Ray Bell, Luc Hermans, Ernest Hicks, Stephen Nichols Snr, Les Wallis


Kevin Trask

Program and Poster Design:

John Shelbourn

Facebook page:

Rhiannon Leach

Web site:

Les Wallis


Alex Carter

Front of House Coordinator:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

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