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Watch It Sailor

Watch It Sailor by Philip King and Falkland Cary Directed by Harold Burrows Season 1 1981


Shirley Hornett

Gillian Worrell

Albert Tufnell, A. B.

Robert Mussett

Daphne Pink

Val Thomas

Carnoostie Bligh, A. B.

Ron Moore

Henry Hornett

Cyril Whitchurch

Edie Hornett

Roz French

Emma Hornett

Valma Bolton

Florrie Lack

Harriet Hicks

Lt. Comr. Hardcastle, R. N.

Tom Coward



Harold Burrows

Stage Manager

Jim Dickson

Assistant Stage Manager

Catherine Lyall, Jackie Venn, Vikki Wilson

Set Construction and Decor

John Hill, Laurie Rogerson, William Smith


Joyce Millsom

Lighting and Sound

Tony Savory, Clive Savory, Dietmar Brisker, Lorraine Seeley

Front of House

Ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Decorations

Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson


Mrs Pat Lyall, Mrs E. Risk, Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson

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