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An update on our updates!

A number of projects have been completed over the last twelve months, all of which will add to the smooth running of our productions.

Just over twelve months ago all the auditorium and foyer lighting was switched to LED globes; this has reduced our electricity bill and also done away with the need for constant globe replacement. Over twelve months, not one globe has had to be replaced!

A major working bee in January saw the cleanup and disposal of a great number of props and materials no longer needed, as well as sparking a cleanup of our costume store which is continuing.

A new sink has been installed at the side of the stage, which will be a great improvement for our set painters. They have also had a clear-out and disposed of quantities of old paint and painting equipment.

As part of the continuing maintenenance of the building, Council contractors have installed a new fire door and rebuilt the fire stairs on the right hand side of the auditorium.

A new system has also been installed to improve backstage communication during shows and currently the heating and air conditioning arrangements in the auditorium and elsewhere are being reviewed with a view to improvements and upgrades. Stage light and sound wiring are also being reviewed.

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