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Changes welcomed

This year the starting time for evening performances at the ATC has been changed from 8.30pm to 8.15pm, and a second matinee has been added.

The changes have proved popular with most patrons. Another change that has been universally approved is that programs and interval drinks are now free of charge!

The new policy of recycling programs has also proved a success, and has allowed printing costs to be minimised.


Athenaeum Facelift

During the winter months the exterior of the Athenaeum building underwent a major overhaul and refurbishment.

The exterior paintwork had become degraded, and the concrete parapet columns above the front of the building were deteriorating and could have become a danger.

The Yarra Ranges Council employed a team of expert stonemasons to dismantle and rebuild the entire parapet, a task which took several weeks.

After that the whole building was cleaned and repainted, so it will be looking good for its 125th anniversary next year.

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