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Caravan Triumphs!

The Lyrebird Awards were announced on 21 February 2010. Caravan (2009 Season 3), directed by Adrian Carr received three major awards:

  • Best Comedy Production:

  • Best Director of a Comedy: Adrian Carr

  • Best Set in a Comedy or Drama: Adrian Carr

Lilydale ATC also received nominations for: Proof (2009 Season 2):

  • Best Drama Production and

  • Best Director of a Drama Production: Catherine Carr

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Neil McColl

  • Best Actress in a Drama: Rhiannon Leach

Caravan (2009 Season 3):

  • Best Lighting in Comedy or Drama: Colin Mortley

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Grace Presse

  • Best Actress in a Comedy: Sharon Corbier and Claire Hanleyhave both been nominated

  • Best Actor in a Comedy: Rowan Francis

Jack O'Hagan's Humdingers (2009 Season 4)

  • Best Set in a musical or variety under $30,000: David Dare

Unfortunately 'Shirley Valentine' (2009 Season 1) was excluded from the nomination process, as it would no doubt also have received recognition.

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