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Lyrebird Awards

The VDL's judgement of ATC's high production standards was confirmed when, in February 2009, the Lyrebird Awards Committee made the final announcements about its awards for 2008 productions. The Lilydale ATC received the following Judges' Awards:

  • "To the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre for their professionally executed and entertaining live camera action during their production of "Nun Crackers" (Judge: Warren Dorling)

  • "To the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre for the comprehensive Front of House display that informed the audience of the historical background of 'The Freedom of the City'." (Judge: Sue Hawkins)

  • "To Steve Tanner for his professionalism in Stage Managing 'The Freedom of the City'" (Judge: Sue Hawkins)

The ATC received the following Lyrebird Awards:

  • Best Drama Production: The Freedom of the City.

  • Best Director of a Drama: Doug Bennett - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Actor AND Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Barry O'Neill - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: Sandy Clinton - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Costume in a Comedy or Drama: Sylvia Carr - The Cemetery Club

In addition, the following Lyrebird Award nominations were made:

  • Best Comedy Production: The Cemetery Club

  • Best Actress in a Drama: Gabrielle O'Brien - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Actress in a Comedy: Christine Andrew - The Cemetery Club

  • Best Actor in a Drama: Liam Jordan - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama: Adrian Carr, Richard Foster - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Sound in Comedy or Drama: Michael Gerrish - The Cemetery Club; Micahel Gerrish and Adrian Carr - The Freedom of the City

  • Best Set in Comedy or Drama: Adrian Carr - Rumours; David Dare and Alan Burrows - The Cemetery Club

  • Best Lighting in Comedy or Drama: Colin mortley and Michael Gerrish - The Cemetery Club

The VDL and Lyrebird awards confirm that the Lilydale ATC is maintaining its position as one of Victoria's top non-professional theatre companies.

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