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Nuncrackers By Dan Goggin Directed by Alan Burrows Season 4 2008: 18 November to 6 December The Little Sisters of Hoboken have turned their convent basement into a TV studio and are producing their first Christmas special - a ballet based on "The Nutcracker". Things go awry, of course, and what we see is a mixture of their prepared program and some of the shenanigans that go on during the down time, such as the Reverend Mother recalling the Christmases of her youth spent with a travelling carnival; tough-talking Sister Robert Anne singing about how all she wants for Christmas is a one-night stand - at Carnegie Hall, that is; and Father Virgil getting progressively drunker as he explains how to make holiday fruitcake.


Sister Mary Regina (Reverend Mother):

Christine Andrew

Sister Mary Hubert:

Kath Kenyon

Sister Robert Anne:

Angela Glennie

Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia):

Fiona Carter

Sister Mary Leo:

Tessa Kinsella

Maria Montini:

Meg Hanlon

Louise Mayfield:

Emily Carter

John Kelly:

Lachlan Glennie

Billy Wilson:

Kyle Petty

Susie Brown:

Stephanie Bartley

Jo Brindley



Alan Burrows

Musical Director:

Shirley White

Set Design and Scenic Artist:

David Dare

Production Manager:

Catherine Carr

Stage Manager:

Nicholas Ryan

Assistant Stage Manager:

Jacqui Hoeboer

Stage Crew:

Kerry Geratty, Samantha Savage


Margaret Bayley, Sylvia Carr, Elaine Nichols

Lighting Design:

Colin Mortley

Lighting/Follow Spot Operators:

Ian Carter, Leigh Delmenico, Sophie Hatcher, Thomas McKeown

Set Construction:

Keith Boulton, Leigh Delmenico, Stephen Nichols Snr, Les Wallis, Ted Waring

Front of House Manager:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre


Rod Flanagan


ATC Historian:

Jenny Boulton


Shirley White, Colin Prohasky


Kathleen Prohasky


Andy Ellis-Smith

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