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Lucky Stiff

Lucky Stiff By Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty Directed by Alan Burrows Season 4 2001: 20 November to 8 December


Harry Witherspoon

Steven Burrows

Annabel Glick

Elissa Handy

Rita La Porta

Angela Glennie

Vincent (Vinnie) Di Ruzzio

Glenn Baker

Luigi Gaudi

John Gunn

Uncle Anthony

Cyril Whitchurch

Dominique Du Monaco / Spinster / Southern Lady

Paula McKenzie

Solicitor / Lorry Driver / Traveller / Emcee / Texan

Greg Beresniak

Landlady / Miss Thorsby / Nurse / Southern Lady / Maid

Judith Watkins

Punk / Mr Lumis / Waiter / Bellhop / Dapper Gambler / Leper

Nick Riley


Musical DIrector

Colin Prohasky


Alison Bezaire


Lauree Brewster


Director / Artistic Director

Alan Burrows

Production Coordinator

Sonia Jager

Stage Director / Manager

Angela McCulloch

Assistant Stage Manager

Sophie Hatcher, Christopher Handley, Keith Boulton


Kerryn Weideman

Set Design

Barry Pearce


Sylvia Carr

Lighting Design

Frank Donahue, Robin Le Blond

Sound Design

Nick Grubb

Lighting & Sound Design

Daniel Atkinson, Gary Rens, George Sorotos, Clive Bailey

Decor & Backdrops

Barry Pearce

Set Painter

Barry Pearce

Set Construction

Stephen Nichols, Denis Lawson, Alan Burrows, John Martin, Keith Boulton

Resident Photographer

Karl Mandl Photography

Box Office

Geoff Page, Sonia Jager, Lyn Handy, Aileen Coffey, Bob Bramble

Front of House Manager

Catherine Handley

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

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