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The Murder Room

The Murder Room by Jack Sharkey Directed by Alan Burrows Season 4 1983


Edgar Hollister

Rick O'Shea

Mavis Templeton Hollister

Kathy Wilson

Mrs Lottie Molloy

Judi Clark

James Crandall

James McRae

Abel Howard

Rob Constable

Susan Hollister

Catherine Lyall

Barry Draper

Daryl Kee



Alan Burrows

Stage Manager

Ron Moore

Assistant Stage Manager

Tony Brown

Set Design

Alan Burrows

Lighting Design

Tony Savory, Noel Savory, Dietmar Brisker


Mrs Joyce Millsom, Doris Levens, Winnie Aitken, Betty Tibballs, Fran Pearson

Set Construction

John Hill

Set Construction Assistants

Geoff Page, Bill Smith, Laurie Rogerson, John Parker

Scenic Artist

Barry Quinn

Front of House

Ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Photos

Karl Mandl Photography

Foyer Decoration

Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson


Mrs Pat Lyall, Mrs E. Risk, Ian Hunter, Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson

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