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Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower by Abe Burrows Directed by Alan Burrows Season 4 1980


Toni Simmons

Catherine Lyall

Igor Sullivan

John Maunder

Stephanie Dickinson

Sally Brisker

Mrs Dixon Durant

Felicity Horwood

Dr Julian Winston

Rob Constable

Harvey Greenfield

Rob Mussett

Senor Arturo Sanchez

Bernard Blestel


Jane Baxter


Erwin Szackacs

Boticelli's Springtime

Sue McBride



Alan Burrows

Stage Manager

Erwin Szakacs

Deputy Stage Manager

Jane Baxter

Stage Assistants

Jackie Venn, Dennis Cornelius, Peter Alexander, Lorraine Bull, Jim Dickson, Charles Edwards, Vikki Wilson, Peggy Horbury-Smith

Stage Decor

Russell Johnson, Stephen Pendlebury


Joyce Payne

Lighting and Sound

Tony Savory

Lighting Assistants

Dietmar Brisker, Clive Savory, Noel Savory

Sound Assistants

Lorraine Seeley, Stephen Pendlebury, Louis Perry

Set Construction

George Salter, John Hill, Laurie Rogerson, Stephen Ceh

Front of House

Ladies and Gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Decorations

Mr and Mrs L. Rogerson

Foyer Photographs

Karl Mandl Photography


Pat Lyall, Mrs E Risk, Mr and Mrs L. Rogerson

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