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Social Security

Social Security by Andrew Bergman Directed by Chris Hallam Season 2 1990: 10 March to 19 March


Barbara Kahn

Dorothy O'Neil

David Kahn

Barry Main

Tudy Heyman

Sandra Fowler

Martin Heyman

Chris McLean

Sophie Greengrass

Alethea McGrath

Maurice Koenig

Anthony Evans



Chris Hallam

Stage Manager

Gary Meadows

Assistant Stage Manager

Kris Le Gassick

Lighting Design

Dietmar Brisker

Lighting Operation

Stephen Nichols, Andrew Smith, Roger Robbins, Mark Lambden

Set Design

Chris Hallam


Russell Johnson, Sonia Webb, Win Upjohn

Set Construction

John Hill, Andy McDonald, Gerald Frogley, Laurie Rogerson, Raleigh Robinson


Russell Johnson, Rona Frogley


Karl Mandl Photography

Box Office

Geoff Page, Marita Webb, Ron Moore, Bob Bramble

Front of House

Sonia Webb

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the A.T.C.

Foyer Decorations

Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Rogerson


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