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Caught In The Net

Caught In The Net A comedy/farce by Ray Cooney Directed by Bob Bramble Season 3 2016: 17 August to 3 September By special arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd The sequel to Run for Your Wife finds the bigamist taxi driver John Smith still keeping his two families in different parts of London, both happy and blissfully unaware of each other. However, his teenage children, a girl from one family and a boy from the other, have met on the Internet and are anxious to meet in person since they have so much in common – same surname and a taxi driving dad! Keeping them apart plunges John into a hell hole of his own making. His lodger Stanley could be a saviour, but he is about to go on holiday with his decrepit old father who turns up thinking he is already at the guest house. The situation spirals out of control as John juggles outrageously with the truth.


Vicki Smith:

Annie-Emma Italiano

Gavin Smith:

Andre Ayton


Leanne Jackson

Mary Smith:

Ana Della Rocca

John Smith:

Glenn Baker

Stanley Gardner:

Andrew Mciver


James McRae



Bob Bramble

Assistant Director:

Emily Carter

Set Design:

Bob Bramble

Lighting Design:

Martin Gray

Sound Design:

Nicholas Ryan

Stage Manager:

Emily Carter

Sound and Lighting Operation:

Nicholas Ryan


Margaret Bayley, Sylvia Carr


Bob Bramble, Emily Carter

Set Painting:

Ray Ward, Bob Bramble, Tanya Burton, Stephen Burton, Ashley Burton, Meagan Burton, Alex Carter, Ian Carter, Emily Carter, Catherine Garside, Nicholas Ryan, Peter Tucker

Set Construction:

Ray Bell, Luc Hermans, Ernest Hicks, Stephen Nichols Snr, Les Wallis


Kevin Trask

Facebook page:

Emily Carter

Web site:

Les Wallis


John Shelbourn


John Shelbourn

Front of House Coordinator:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

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