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M*A*S*H A lighter side of war by Tim Kelly Directed by Adrian Carr Season 2 2012: 30 May to 16 June Based on the book by Richard Hooker. In a mobile army surgical hospital in Korea, life can be either extremely stressed or downright boring - it is always in danger! The arrival of two new surgeons provide not only expert surgical skills but also comic relief to one little corner of the war. The madcap and unpredictable Hawkeye and Duke decide to wage a campaign to get a young Korean boy to the United States and entered into a good school. What follows is an ever increasing pileup of hysterical comic adventures.


Radar O'Reilly:

Hamish Anderson

Henry Blake:

Neil McColl

Frank Burns:

Chris Shaw


Ed Kennett

Nurse Dish:

April Rizzo


Richard Humphries

Margaret Houlihan:

Claire O'Brien

Nurse Ginger:

Tina Bono

Nurse Simmonds:

Sarah King

Father John P Mulcahy:

Michael Hanlon

Maxwell P Klinger:

Waine Ferguson

Ho-Jon / Igor:

Kirby Chenall

Dr Sidney Freedman:

Steve Tanner

General Hammond:

David Sly


Director and Concept Design:

Adrian Carr

Production Manager:

Catherine Carr

Assistant to the Director:

Sandy Fowler

Military and Surgical Consultant:

Chris Handley

Stage Manager:

Steve Tanner

Set Design:

Merinda Backway

Lighting Design:

Jason Lord

Sound Design:

Adrian Carr

Costume Design and Coordination:

Kellie Bray


Margaret Bayley, Sylvia Carr

Lighting Operation:

Nicholas Ryan

Sound Operation:

Seb Carr

Video Production:

Justin Stephens

Scenic Artists:

Merinda Backway, Graham McGuffie

Set Construction:

Keith Boulton, Adrian Carr, Ian Carter, Leigh Delmenico, Stephen Nichols Snr, Les Wallis, Ted Waring


Rebecca Pool, Steve Tanner

Set painting and dressing:

Merinda Backway, Doreen Backway, Seb Carr, Catherine Carr, Adrian Carr, Emily Carter, Ian Carter, Maria Fleming, Graeme Garside, Graham McGuffie, Rebecca Pool, Nicholas Ryan


Lyn Carr

Stage Crew:

Merinda Backway, Emily Carter, Sam Corr, Lachlan Petrie

Front of House Manager:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre


Alan Quantrell


Steve Tanner

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