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Dial M For Murder

Dial M For Murder A thriller by Frederick Knott. Directed by Doug Bennett Season 3 2010: 31 August to 18 September By special arrangement with Dominie Pty Ltd With the help of an old college buddy, a washed-up tennis player hopes to murder his wealthy, adulterous wife and walk away with her estate. But when the planned victim becomes the murderer, will her husband be able to cover his tracks? Or will a suspicious detective nab the right man or woman? A complex web of murder and mystery.


Sheila Wendice

Katie-Jane Amey

Max Halliday

Glenn Baker

Tony Wendice

Daryl Scobie

Captain Lesgate

Rowan Francis

Detective Inspector Hubbard

Alistair Rice



Doug Bennett

Production Manager

Nicholas Ryan

Stage Manager

Lynn Dean

Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Carter

Stage Crew

Members of the Cast

Set Design

Doug Bennett

Scenic Artist

Merinda Backway


Sylvia Carr


Lilydale Theatre Company Volunteers


Lilydale Theatre Company Volunteers

Lighting Design

Colin Mortley

Sound Design

Nicholas Ryan, Doug Bennett

Lighting Operator

Terry Dean

Sound Operator

Les Wallis

Set Construction

Steve Nichols, Leigh Delmenico, Les Wallis, Keith Boulton, Ted Waring, Doug Bennett

Office Manager

John Martin

Box Office and Administration

Anne Rogers-Davidson

Front of House Manager

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Atheneaum Theatre


Alan Quantrell


John Shelbourn

ATC Historian

Jenny Boulton

Programme Front Cover Design

Sally Rogers-Davidson

Programme Printing

Commodore Press Pty Ltd

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