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The Girl Who Couldn't Quite

The Girl Who Couldn't Quite A sentimental drama by Leo Marks Directed by Geoffrey Owen-Taylor Season 3 2005: 6 September to 24 September


Janet Taylor

Susan Casey

Paul Evans

Christopher Arnold

Tony - The Butler

Graeme Doyle

Sir John Oxley

Stephen Hutchinson

Pam Taylor

Jackie Hutchinson

Ruth Taylor

Becky Lee


Gary Rens



Geoffrey Owen-Taylor

Artistic Director

Russell Johnson

Creative Director

Tedd Dunn

Production Manager

Denis Lawson

Stage Manager

Angela McCulloch

Design Concept

John Bishop

Set Design Execution

Bradley Ross

Scenic Artist

Alicia Templer


Russell Johnson, Sylvia Carr, Elaine Nichols

Lighting and Sound Technician

Michael Gerrish

Lighting Design

Michael Gerrish

Sound Design

Bruce Parr

Lighting Operation

Leigh Delmenico, Michael Gerrish

Set Construction

Stephen Nichols, Denis Lawson, Leigh Delmenico, Keith Boulton, Richard Gerre

Office Administration

Patricia Lyall

Box Office Ticket Secretary

Jan Bird

Assisted by the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

Theatre marketing and Sponsorship

Faye Hendrickson, Anne Welsh

Show Publicist

Jan Bird

Front of House Manager

Jean Steel

Assisted by the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre


Glenn Mandl Photography

Program Printing

Courtney Colour Graphics

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