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Amadeus By Peter Shaffer

Directed by Doug Bennett Season 1 1986


Antonio Salieri

Rex Callahan

The Venticelli

James Fitch, Laurie Jezard

Joseph II, Emperor of Austria

Adrian Carr

Johann Kilian von Strack

Fred Barker

Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg

James McRae

Baron Gottfried van Swieten

Geoff Page

Constanze Weber

Elizabeth Kemp

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Bruce Akers

Major Domo

Bob Bramble

Salieri's Valet

Gordon Johnson

Salieri's Cook

Roger Hum

Guiseppe Bonno

Gary McCluskey

Teresa Salieri

Sally Brisker

Katherina Cavalieri

Karin Kofler

First Lady

Jan Westbury

Second Lady

Sharyn Tallentyre

Citizens of Vienna and servants played variously by

Sally Brisker, Karin Kofler, Sharyn Tallentyre, Janet Wilson

Lynne Kent, Fred Barker, Geoff Page, Bob Bramble, Gordon Johnson

Roger Hum, Gary McCluskey



Doug Bennett

Assistant to Director

Catherine Lyall

Stage Manager

Janet Wilson

Assistant Stage Manager

Catherine Lyall, Lynne Kent, Debbie Kent


Dietmar Brisker

Lighting Assisted by

Tony Savory

Sound Operator

Lorraine Seeley

Set Design

Louise Luccarini, Doug Bennett

Set Construction

John Hill, Gerald Frogley, Laurie Rogerson, Malcolm Moore

Set Decor

Lousie Luccarini, Doug Bennett, Russell Johnson, Sonia Webb

Special Properties

Ian Hunter

Make up and Wigs

Jan Spiers


Russell Johnson, Betty Tibballs, Jan Spiers, Rhona Frogley, Naomi Truman


Ian Hunter


Karl Mandl Photography

Foyer Decoration

Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson


Mrs Pat Lyall, Mrs E. Risk, Mr & Mrs Laurie Rogerson

Box Office

Ron Moore, Rhonda Lewer

Front of House

Sheila Simpson

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

Programme Art Work

Sonia Webb


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