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The Vicar of Dibley

The Vicar of Dibley A comedy by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter Directed by Loretta Bishop Season 1 2015: 4 March to 22 March Adapted from the original TV series by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer. By special arrangement with Tiger Aspect Productions (subject to granting of rights). Life in the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Dibley is turned upside-down when the ancient former reverend dies and the diocese sends a new female vicar as his replacement. Her arrival is met with a mixture of wonder and horror from the assorted collection of rural yokels who call Dibley home. This play is a laugh from start to finish. Relive the arrival of the new Vicar, be part of the congregation for Alice's hilarious wedding, and meet again the many insane inhabitants of the quiet village of Dibley - pompous David Horton, his son Hugo, dippy verger Alice, crude farmer Owen, Leticia, Frank and dithering "no, no, no, no, yes," Jim Trott.


Geraldine Grainger:

Louise Steele

David Horton:

Chris Hodson

Hugo Horton:

Andrew Mciver

Alice Tinker:

Claire Hanley

Owen Newitt:

Andy Fry

Jim Trott:

James McRae

Frank Pickle:

Phillip Stephenson

Letitia Cropley:

Patricia McCracken

Daniel Frobisher:

Glen Hunt


Mark Vogels


Nicholas Ryan

Lady in church:

Rebecca Pool


Isabelle Lane



Loretta Bishop

Production Manager:

Catherine Carr

Set Design:

Doug Bennett

Stage Manager:

Emily Carter

Assistant Stage Manager:

Maria Fleming

Lighting Operation:

Alex Carter


Margaret Bayley, Sylvia Carr


Emily Carter, Julie Cunningham

Stage Crew:

Seb Carr, Ian Carter, David Sly


Rebecca Pool

Set Construction:

Keith Boulton, Luc Hermans, Ernest Hicks, Stephen Nichols Snr, Peter Torrens, Les Wallis

Scenic Artists:

Merinda Backway, Peter Tucker

Set Painting:

Loretta Bishop, Alex Carter, Ian Carter, Emily Carter, Maria Fleming, Ellen Glennie, Regan Wood


Kevin Trask

Facebook page:

Rhiannon Leach

Web site:

Les Wallis


Alex Carter

Front of House Coordinator:

Lesley Bailey

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre

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