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Online tickets coming

More exciting news - from 2014 our patrons will be able to buy their tickets online.

The ATC has contracted with SeatAdvisor Systems to install an online ticketing facility which will allow the purchase and printing of tickets from any PC or tablet connected to the internet.

The new system will be available via the ATC web and Facebook pages. Patrons will still be able to purchase tickets, if they wish, by phone or at the box office during opening hours (Monday, Tuesday and Friday 10am to 2pm).

Online bookings will require a credit card payment; the system has a highly secure credit card facility and no credit card information will be stored once a transaction has been completed.

Details of season ticket holders' requirements will be transferred into the new system and these bookings will be able to be confirmed on line if desired.

Please note that when the new seating is installed, row 'X' (the row between row 'E' and row 'F') will disappear. Row 'X' will become Row 'F', Row 'F' will become Row 'G' and so on, and the back row will become Row 'N'. Season bookings will be adjusted so that patrons keep the same seats but with the new row name.

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