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The Man Who Came to Dinner

The Man Who Came to Dinner By George S Kaufman and Moss Hart Directed by Anne Scott Pendlebury Season 1 1987


Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley

Susan Casey

Miss Preen

Ursula Johnson

Richard Stanley

Alvin Rendell

June Stanley

Rosemary Kable


Andrew Zenz


Catherine Lyall

Mr. Stanley

Geoffrey Page

Maggie Cutler

Debbie Waterhouse

Dr. Bradley

Milton Sibley

Sheridan Whiteside

Malcolm Sussman

Harriet Stanley

Yvonne Manly

Bert Jefferson

Benjamin Shaw

Lorraine Sheldon

Lise Rodgers

Beverley Carlton

James Taylor


Derrick Nuttall

Sandy/Baker/Police Officer

Ian Hunter

Convict/Deputy Sherriff/Penguin Delivery Man/Radio Technician/Express Man

Matthew Scanlon

Convict/Westcott/Express Man

Bob Bramble


Amanda Lewer, Freedom Wilson, Genevive Wilson, Geraldine Nation, Andrew Nation, Leanne Nation



Anne Scott Pendlebury

Director's Assistant

Sally Brisker

Stage Manager

Janet WIlson

Assistant Stage Manager

Debbie Kent

Set Design

Ian Hunter

Set Construction

John Hill, Laurie Rogerson, Andrew McDonald

Scenic Artist

Sonia Webb, Malcolm Moore, John Hill

Set Decoration

Russell Johnson

Special Properties

Ian Hunter

Lighting Design

Tony Savory

Lighting & Sound

Tony Savory, Dietmar Brisker, Clive Savory


Russell Johnson, Pat Lyall, Betty Tibballs, Rhona Frogley, Jan Spiers

Make up & Wigs

Jan Spiers

Box Office

Rhonda Hunter, Ron Moore

Front of House

Sheila Simpson

Assisted by the ladies and gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Decorations

Mr. & Mrs. Laurie Rogerson


Karl Mandl Photography

Programme Editor

Harold Burrows


Triad Press

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