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2018 Lyrebird Award WINS

The 2019 Lyrebird Awards were held on Saturday 9th February.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

The Lilydale Athenaeum Theatre Company is proud to say we picked up 14 awards on the night.

A big congratulations to the following...

We are proud of you all.

Best Sound in a Comedy: Nicholas Ryan, Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Sound in a Drama: Chris Shaw, The Elephant Man

Best Lighting in a Drama: Robin Le Blond, The Elephant Man

Best Set in a Comedy: Graham McGuffie, Syliva

Best Set in a Drama: Chris Shaw, The Elephant Man

Best Costume in a Comedy: Maria Smedes, Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Costume in a Drama: Sylvia Carr, Margaret Bayley & Maria Smedes

Highly Commended Performance in a Drama: Gilbert Gauci, The History Boys

Best Youth Performer in a Drama: Josh Mitchell, The History Boys

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama: Lachlan Glennie, The History Boys

Best Actor in a Comedy: Philip Lambert, Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Actor in a Drama: Michael Fenemore, The Elephant Man

Best Director - Drama: Chris Shaw, The Elephant Man

Best Production - Drama: The Elephant Man

Congratulations to all who were nominated.

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