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Moonlight & Magnolias

Season 3 2018: 16 August to 1 September 2018

(Matinees Sun 19 August, Sun 26 August and Sat 1 September.)

Moonlight & Magnolias A comedy by Ron Hutchinson, Directed by Alan Burrows.

By special arrangement with Origin Theatrical Pty Ltd

Based on historical events, this is the story behind the making of David O. Selznick’s famous movie “Gone With The Wind”. Selznick is five weeks into the shoot when he realizes the script just doesn’t work, and the director is hopeless. He has only five days to find a new director and script, or the production will shut down. He calls Victor Fleming from the set of “The Wizard Of Oz” to direct, and legendary screenwriter, Ben Hecht, to rewrite the script. The only problem is, Hecht hasn't read the book, so Selznick and Fleming have to act it out for him. Over five crazy days, the three men, assisted by Selznick's assistant, Miss Poppenghul, madly put together one of the most famous and beloved screenplays of all time. Whilst written as a farce, Hutchinson's play also deals with serious issues such as race and the fragile position of Jewish executives in Hollywood.


David O Selznick

Ben Hecht

Victor Fleming

Miss Poppenghul



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