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The Happiest Days of Your Life

The Happiest Days of Your Life John Dighton Directed by Alan Burrows Season 3 1990: 30 July to 21 July


Dick Tassell

Michael Cavanagh


James McRae

Rupert Billings

Rob Constable

Godfrey Pond

Bruce McBrien

Miss Evelyn Whitchurch

Alice Bugge

Miss Gossage

Jennie Kellaway

Hopcroft Mi.

Daniel Atkinson

Barbara Cahoun

Janet Carroll

Joyce Harper

Jan Westbury

The Reverend Edward Peck

Raleigh Robinson

Mrs Peck

Susan Casey

Edgar Sowther

Geoffrey Tozer

Mrs Sowther

Cate Dowling



Alan Burrows

Stage Manager

Stephen Nichols

Assistant Stage Manager

Kris Le Gassick

Lighting Design / Lighting Operation

Mark Lambden, Andrew Smith, Jason Brewer

Set Design & Decor

Russell Johnson

Scenic Artists

Alicia Templer, Sonia Webb

Set Construction

Andy McDonald, Raleigh Robinson, Gerald Frogley, Laurie Rogerson


Russell Johnson, Dianne Rodier, Win Upjohn, Rhona Frogley


Karl Mandl Photography

Box Office

Geoff Page, Marita Webb, Robert Bramble

Front of House

Sonia Webb

Assisted by the Ladies and Gentlemen of the ATC

Foyer Decoration

Mr and Mrs Laurie Rogerson


Triad Press

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