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Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men By Sherman L. Segel, adapted from the television show by Reginald Rose Directed by Catherine Carr Season 2 2014: 28 May to 14 June By special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. This play focuses on a jury's deliberations in a capital murder case. A jury is sent to begin deliberations in the first-degree murder trial of an 18 year old Latino accused of the stabbing death of his father, where a guilty verdict means an automatic death sentence. The case appears to be open and shut. Eleven of the jurors immediately vote guilty; only one casts a not guilty vote. What begins as an open and shut case of murder soon becomes a mini-drama of each of the juror's prejudices and preconceptions about the trial, the accused, and each other.


The Foreman

Juror 2

Juror 3

Juror 4

Juror 5

Juror 6

Juror 7

Juror 8

Juror 9

Juror 10

Juror 11

Juror 12

The Guard

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