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Vale Dr Bill

Dr William "Bill" Hardy passed away on 24 November 2012. He was 88.

Dr Bill had been a member of the Athenaeum Theatre Board for 35 years, joining with his wife Gwen, a former Mayor of Lilydale, in 1978.

Together with the Theatre's founders, Russell Johnson, Geoff Page and Pat Lyall, they formed a formidable combination that steered the Athenaeum in its formative years, laying the foundations for the successful theatre we have inherited today. Sadly only Pat Lyall now remains.

Dr Bill continued to attend board meetings and our productions right up to the middle of this year and could always be counted on to give measured advice and genuine encouragement to us all.

He was a pillar of the community, involved with many local organisations, and will be missed not only by his friends and colleagues at the theatre but by everyone who knew him.

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