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The Philadelphia Story

March 7, 2006

The Philadelphia Story
Written by Phillip Barry

Directed by Doug Bennett

Season 1 2006: 
7 March to 25 March 




Tracy Lord:   

Venetia Macken


Dinah Lord:   

Llaaneath Poor


Margaret Lord:   

Jackie Hutchinson


Alexander (Sandy) Lord:   

Chris Handley


Thomas (The Butler):   

Daniel Freeman


William (Uncle Willie) Tracy:   

Fred Barker


Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie:   

Katie-Jane Amey


Macaulay (Mike) Connor:   

Fernando Testa


George Kittredge:   

Cameron South


C. K. Dexter Haven:   

Justin Lucas


Seth Lord:   

Alastair Rice



Becky Lee


Mac (Security Guard):   

Nicholas Ryan



Karen Bannon


Edward (Butlers Assistant):   

Steve Seremetis





Catherine Carr


Assistant to the Producer:   

Jan Bird



Doug Bennett


Production Manager:   

Denis Lawson


Stage Manager:   

Becky Lee


Assistant Stage Manager:   

Nicholas Ryan


Design Concept:   

Doug Bennett


Scenic Artists:   

Robyn Sortell

Alicia Templar


Assistant Scenic Artists:   

Yvonne Bain

Amy Bucsek

Magdalena Bucsek


Wardrobe and Hair:   

Jan Bird

Sylvia Carr

Elaine Nichols


Lighting and Sound Technician:   

Michael Gerrish


Lighting Design:   

Michael Gerrish

Colin Mortley


Sound Design:   

Michael Gerrish


Lighting Operation:   

Alexander Bird

Keith Boulton

Leigh Delmenico

Gary Rens


Set Construction:   

Keith Boulton

Leigh Delmenico

Denis Lawson

Stephen Nichols Snr


Front of House Manager:   

Jean Steel



Rod Flanagan










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